Molly McNamee | Low Impact HIIT Cardio Workout
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Low Impact HIIT Cardio Workout

Over the past year, I have fallen in love with low impact cardio workouts. I used to do crazy HIIT routines every other day. And while I still do those crazy HIIT workouts occasionally, low impact cardio is my jam now. This kind of workout will help you burn body fat, get a good sweat on, and keep your joints safe. Just because it is labeled as “low impact” does not mean it is easy. I have perfected the art of creating a joint-friendly workout that is still incredibly challenging.

I personally switched to low impact workouts when I started to prioritize strength training in my workout routine. HIIT sessions left me feeling so tired that I felt I couldn’t lift as heavy as I was capable of lifting. I still love HIIT, and I post high intensity routines on the MFit Membership every week… but it is good to take a break from jumping and sprinting every once in a while.

Low impact workouts are good for everyone. Whether you are trying to workout quietly in your apartment or you need a workout that is gentle on the knees, this workout will deliver.

Try the workout below.

Do 3 sets of the following superset. Work for 30-seconds, rest for 10-seconds.

A. Tap and Overhead Reach
B. Side Shuffle Crossbody Reach

Do 3 sets of the following circuit. Work for 30-seconds, rest for 10-seconds.

A. Tap Back Knee with Bicep Curl
B. Squat Press (modify: push press)
C. Plank

Do 2 sets of the following circuit. Work for 40-seconds, rest for 10-seconds.

A. Butt Kick Row
B. Forward/Backward Step
C. Front Kicks