Molly McNamee | No Sit-ups Ab Workout
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No Sit-ups Ab Workout

I have heard your cries and seen your requests, and finally today I have a no sit-up (or crunch) core workout for you!

A toned stomach is something many strive for when they start a new fitness routine. Ripped abs look awesome, but having a strong core will also benefit you in all aspects of fitness and daily life!

If you don’t like doing sit-ups or crunches, then you might be a little stuck on how to train your core. Well today I have thought outside of the box and have ten effective core exercises to share with you!

If getting a flat tummy is at the top of your to-do list, I also want to encourage you to check out my 4-Week Flat Abs Plan. This plan comes with a complete 28-day workout schedule, and you can do all of the workouts at home. Although there are a few crunches in the program, it is also filled with videos like: cardio kickboxing, low impact HIIT, total body strength training, and core workouts like the one we are doing today. Check that out if you are interested, and let me know what you think!

Now, without further ado… let’s workout!

Try the workout below:

Do 1 set of each exercise.

Walk Down with 5-second Plank Hold (5 reps)
Down Dog to Spiderman (10 reps)
Cat Contractions (20 reps)
Knee – Punch (15 reps each)
Overhead March (30 reps)
Cross Body Punches (40 reps)
Hook Punches (40 reps)
Slider Plank Hold (30-seconds)
Slider Climbers (30-seconds)