At-Home Yoga Sculpt Routine

An effective workout schedule includes strength training, cardio and stretching. But what happens when you put all of those things into one 20-minute workout? This amazing at-home yoga sculpt routine!

Today’s yoga sculpt workout will take you through a non-stop flow of muscle-building exercises and stretching. Training your body this way is time-efficient and super fun (in my opinion). It is also more productive to stretch throughout your workout versus only at the end. Stretching between exercises will ensure you are feeling your muscles properly when you do each cardio or strength movement.

I know yoga can sound scary or boring to some people. But, I promise you this workout is neither of those things. Some of the exercises will be new to you, but the more you practice this routine and one’s like it – you will feel yourself get stronger and more confident.

You can do the yoga sculpt routine below anywhere, at anytime. If you don’t have dumbbells to do this workout with, use water bottles or canned food. You don’t need fancy equipment or a fancy yoga space to do this flow!

at-home yoga sculpt routine

If you to see more yoga workout videos, please let me know. I teach virtual yoga classes on Zoom, so if you want to try more in depth routines, please contact me for more information on those classes!

Try the at-home yoga sculpt routine below:

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