At-Home Yoga Sculpt Routine

An effective workout schedule includes strength training, cardio and stretching. But what happens when you put all of those things in one 20-minute workout? Amazing things!

Today’s yoga sculpt workout will take you through a non-stop flow of exercises where your only rest is a stretch. Training your body this was is time-efficient and super fun (in my opinion). It is also more productive to stretch during your workout because it will ensure you are feeling your muscles properly when you do each cardio or strength exercise.

Now, I know yoga sounds scary or boring… or both! But I promise you this workout is neither of those things. Some of the exercises will be new to you, but the more you practice this routine and one’s like it – you will feel yourself get stronger and more confident.

If you want more yoga from me, reach out and let me know. I also have a bunch of yoga workout videos and do live yoga workouts on the MFit Membership. So definitely check that out if you want more!

Try the workout below:

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