Molly McNamee | At-Home Crossfit WOD
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At-Home Crossfit WOD

CrossFit workouts are becoming more and more popular. People love these quick cardio and strength workouts. I have filmed a lot of HIIT workouts for the MFit YouTube channel, but never a true CrossFit workout. Well, now I have!

In today’s video, I have put together a classic CrossFit style workout filled with exercises you may see in a WOD (workout of the day).

One of my concerns with standard CrossFit classes is that the quick movements can sometimes be dangerous if they are not done with proper form. In this workout, I will teach you the proper form. I also want to encourage you to do the workout without weights if these exercises are new to you. This is a fast paced workout, but you can slow it down if you need to! You can also modify some of the more advanced exercises as needed.

If you like this workout, you should absolutely join the MFit Membership. The MFit Membership is my online gym where I have hundreds of exclusive workout videos you won’t find anywhere else. Each workout in the MFit Membership features a modification box, which is very helpful to those new to exercise!

Try the workout below:

A. Mobility Warm-up (follow video)

B. 3 sets for time
– 20 Air Squats
– 10 Push-ups

C. 15-minutes AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
– 10 Squat Presses
– 10 Walking Lunges
– 10 Burpees