At-Home Bikini Bod Workout #MFitBikiniBootcamp

It is time for another round of  Bikini Bootcamp. I am so excited to share this bikini bod workout with you.

I have hosted the Bikini Bootcamp challenge on the MFit YouTube channel for the past few years. This challenge is meant to get you move and whip your body into shape for summertime. This year, I have created a free two month Bikini Bootcamp workout calendar. If you want to get that calendar, along with all 8 Bikini Bootcamp workout videos, sign up here (it’s free)! If you have already signed up, check out your schedule and get to work!

What makes these bikini bod workout videos so effective is that they work all aspects of your fitness. Each workout blends cardio with strength training and stretching to help you achieve complete fitness. If you are looking to slim down, tone up, and get “bikini ready” — you have to join this challenge.

The first video of this challenge (below) is a total body workout. The workout will start with a yoga-inspired warm-up to help fire up and stretch out your muscles. Warming up before this workout is super important as it will help improve your performance and prevent potential injuries from occurring. After the warm-up, we will get in to some high intensity cardio intervals and finish off with a total body strength circuit before cooling down.

If you like the structure of this workout, be sure to checkout the 4-Week Slim Down Plan, as most workouts are structured this way!

Try the bikini bod workout below:

Full Warm-up (in video)

20-seconds on, 10-seconds off (4-minutes)
A. Quick Feet
B. Slow Half Burpee

20-seconds on, 10-seconds off (4-minutes)
A. Squat Jack Press
B. Slow Rock Plank

20-seconds on, 10-seconds off (2-minutes)
A. High Knees

Complete Circuit 2x:
1. Walk Down Push-up (8 reps)
2. Squat Calf Raise (10 reps)
3. Back Lunge Shoulder Press (10 reps each)
4. Plank Row (10 reps)
5. Plank Hip Dips

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