Molly McNamee | 5 Ways To Overcome Gym Anxiety
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5 Ways To Overcome Gym Anxiety

Trying a new group fitness class, stepping into the weight room for the first time or just walking into a new gym can be really stressful if you aren’t used to it.

Unfortunately gym anxiety can cause some people to cut their workouts short or skip the gym all together. I used to be the person in the gym that would avoid a piece of equipment or a certain exercise if I thought I looked silly doing it. Now I have spent quite a lot of time in gyms, so I am confident walking into any fitness facility. Here are a few tips to navigate your own gym fears:

Visit the gym before signing up

Take the time to walk through your new gym before you sign up. Most gym employees will offer to take you around the gym floor, but if they don’t – ask for a tour. This initial gym tour will make you feel so much more confident the first time you actually go to workout because you’ve seen the lay of the land. You know where the machines are and how to get to the locker room. Now that you know how to get around, you don’t have to worry about looking lost on your first day.

Make a pump-up playlist

Create a workout mix on Spotify, and press play before you walk into the gym. Your favorite song pumping in your ears will give you a major confidence lift. Keep those headphones in the whole time you’re there. If you’d rather listen to a podcast or audiobook, start that before you walk inside too. No matter what you choose to listen to, listening to something will take you to another world for a bit while you kill your workout.

Go during non-busy hours

This may be tricky depending on your job and social life, but hitting the gym when there are fewer people around will make the transition easier. With fewer people around, you won’t have to wait for cardio equipment and weights. Going at a slower time will also make it easier to ask the staff any questions you might have. Most gyms are packed mid-morning (between 8 and 11am) and early evening (4 to 7pm). Depending on where you live, the morning rush may start earlier and/or the evening rush may start later. Go at a few different times to see what works best for you.

What vibe are you giving off?

My go-to gym look is: dark leggings, dark sweatshirt, Nike frees, and a ‘leave me alone’ look in my eyes. No one bothers me at the gym, and I feel comfortable doing just about any workout in this outfit. Make sure your gym outfit makes you feel comfortable, is easy to move in and gives off the right vibe. Wearing revealing clothing will grab the attention of some fellow gym-goers. If that does not bother you, then you do you girl! But if you are trying to fly under the radar, wear something comfortable and no one will probably look at you. Most people at the gym are too focused on their own workout to notice yours.

Still too much? Workout at home

If the gym just isn’t for you, you can always workout at home. The MFit Membership comes with hundreds of workouts you can do from your living room. You many need to shop the MFit Amazon Store for some at-home workout essentials (dumbbells and mini bands), but after that you are all set! Try a few of these apartment-friendly workouts to see if you like working out with me at home!