Molly McNamee | Band & Slider Workout For A Better Booty
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Band & Slider Workout For A Better Booty

It is time for the second workout video of the #CheekyChallenge, and today I have a short one for you. But don’t let the length fool you, this workout is tough!

Today I wanted to experiment with combining mini resistance bands and sliders. The sliders I am using in the video are in the MFit Amazon Store, but if you don’t have sliders you can use towels, socks or paper plates instead.

These sliding exercises are meant to reflect the motion of a pilates reformer. The gliding motion of these lunging exercises are safer for your joints and will really challenge your muscles. Adding the resistance bands is going to help you build even more muscle! However, beginners should try the exercise without the bands first!

These exercises will engage your hamstrings as well as you butt muscles! If you have difficulty following the exercises in this workout, join the MFit Membership for a detailed breakdown on all of the exercises in today’s workout.

Don’t forget to head over to my Instagram for more booty-building tips in the month of February! And check out the MFit Peach Plan for a full 4-week program to grow and strengthen your glutes!

Try the workout below.

A. Sliding Lunges (15 full reps + 15 pulsing reps each side)
B. Back Lunges (15 full reps + 15 pulsing reps each side)
C. Curtsy Lunges (15 full reps + 15 pulsing reps each side)