5 Benefits of Lunchtime Workouts

So, you want to workout, but you’re not a morning person… and you also like to hit up happy hour after work. There is not enough time in the day, right? Wrong! Have you ever considered a mid-day workout?

At first, this idea may seem impossible. But, I am going to bet if you rearrange your day a bit, a noon workout would be completely doable! Below are five reasons why a mid-day workout is the way to go.

It will help you de-stress

Nothing reduces anxiety better than a quick sweat session. Stress relief is one of the main reasons I workout. Typically, a stressful morning turns into an angry lunch and an even more stressful afternoon. Try swapping the angry lunch for a stress-reducing workout, and your day should end a lot better.

You will sleep better

In general, having a regular exercise routine promotes restful sleep. A poll done by the National Sleep Foundation found that 83% of people who exercised reported better sleep compared to those who don’t workout. This poll had nothing to do with what time of day a person hits the gym, but as someone who works with exercisers all day long, I have heard the sleep complaints. A 6am workout can be tough after a bad nights sleep and if you are tired after a long day at work, evening workouts aren’t much fun either. However, if you workout in the afternoon you can sleep in and go to bed early! Win-win!

You’ll beat the crowds

I personally, will never go to the gym between the hours of 4pm and 8pm. If I haven’t gotten my workout done by then, I will do an MFit workout at home. This is because I have no patience. The after-work gym crowd is insane. If you have ever gone to the gym at this time, you know that all of the cardio equipment is taken and there is a line of people waiting for the squat rack. If you enjoy working out at home with the MFit 4-Week Slim Down Program, exercising in the evening is great! But, if you plan on going to the gym, 11am to 2pm is the best time to go for no wait time and plenty of space to move!

You’ll have a better workout

You’re workout will feel more energized if you workout around lunchtime. Unlike a morning workout, your body will feel awake, you will be better hydrated and since you have been moving for hours already you shouldn’t need as much time to warm-up. If you are used to working out after work, those five hours of work after lunch can be quite tiring. Personally, my body is usually ready for a nap after a long day of work, not a cardio session. You should feel more energized in the middle of the day compared to the other two extremes. Also, because of the time restrictions on a midday workout, you are more likely to workout harder and smarter. You will need to go into the workout with a plan of attack to ensure the workout is quick and effective. If you aren’t good a planning fast workouts, you may try a lunchtime class at a gym.

You’ll be more productive at work

Numerous studies have shown that exercising can boost your memory, creativity and productivity in the workplace. If you find you typically lose steam in the middle of the day and drag your feet until it’s time to go home, the feel good endorphins flowing after a lunchtime workout may be exactly what your body needs!

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