Muscle-Building Mini Band & Dumbbell Workout

It is a new year, and in 2019 I plan to post lots of creative workouts filled with exercises you’ve never seen before. Today’s workout is going to give you a taste of that creativity as we blend resistance bands and dumbbells together for some major muscle burn.

If you want to build muscle and reduce your body fat in 2019, you need to challenge your body and confuse your muscles. Today’s workout will confuse your muscles. The whole workout can be done without equipment, but if you are ready for a more advanced workout you need to add the bands and dumbbells. The resistance from the dumbbells will make each exercise more challenging as your body has to move more weight. However, when we add in the resistance bands, things will start to feel even crazier! Adding resistance bands will make each movement more challenging as the bands add more resistance to the most difficult parts of each exercise (ie. the top of a row or the bottom of a squat).

Blending the two pieces of equipment like this isn’t just great for the body, but it can also help make your at-home workouts more challenging. This is what I did for the 4-Week Slim Down Program.  The at-home weight loss program only requires a light set of dumbbells and resistance bands. Both workout items are relatively inexpensive on Amazon and easy to store in a small apartment. Throughout the 28-day program, I made the workouts more challenging by blending the bands and weights like you will see in the workout below! If you enjoy this workout, you should consider signing up for the Slim Down. The program is free for MFit Members!

Follow the workout below.

Do 2 sets of each superset:

1A. 3/4 Squat (15 reps)
1B. Side to Side Squat (20 reps)

2A. Double Resistance Single Arm Row (15 reps each)
2B. Tempo Seated Row (30 reps)

3A. Squat Press (15 reps)
3B. Banded Curl to Press (10 reps)

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