15-Minute Lower Body HIIT & Burn Workout

Today I have a new workout for you… and this is probably one of my favorite videos I have ever posted on YouTube. This workout will leave your heart pumping and your booty burning!

This workout introduces a new workout structure that I have been giving to my MFit Members for months. HIIT & Burn workouts include the following: a yoga inspired warm-up, intense high-intensity interval training, slow-paced resistance training, and a burnout exercise or circuit. This combination will help you burn fat AND build muscle in an extremely productive way. These workouts are typically between 30-45 minutes in length, but of course I had to make it more time-efficient for YouTube. The workout below is a condensed version of my HIIT & Burn structure and will only take you 15-minutes. But trust me when I say 15-minutes is enough for you to feel the burn!

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Print off the workout instructions or follow along with the video below.

Yoga warm-up:
1. Down Dog knee pulls
2. Lunge rocks
3. Down Dog knee pulls
4. Lunge rock knee

Do 3 sets of the follow circuit:
1. Backward sumo walk (x4) + Sumo pulses (x4) + Bunny hops (x4) — 40 seconds
2. Plank leg lifts — 20 seconds
3. Rest — 10 seconds

Do 4 sets of the following superset:
1. Fast back lunge (x15)
2. Squat jumps (x15)


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