Total Body Dumbbell Workout For Busy Days

You have been running around all day at work and you get home exhausted with no desire to go the gym. Sound like you? I know how busy you are this time of year. Whether it’s work, school, travel, or family… we all got stuff to do! Lucky for you I have made the perfect workout for your busy days.

This total body workout will help you burn fat and build muscle in just 15 short minutes. All you need is a set of dumbbells and a little bit of space in your living room.

So when you get home all tired, just put on this video and stick it out with me for 15 minutes before you knock out on the couch!

Follow the video or workout instructions below!

Complete 1 round of the following circuit.

1. Curtsy Lunge Bicep Curl
2. Squat & Press
3. Side Raise Toss
4. Back Lunge Squat
5. Sumo Squat Around The World
6. Airplane Fly
7. Plank Row
8. Kneeling Arnold Press
9. Skull Crusher
10. Dumbbell Pullover
11. Weighted Bridge Pulses
12. Weighted Bridge Rock

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