MFit Mini Band Cardio Workout

Today I am back with a new mini band workout! These are some of my favorite videos to film, and I know they are some of your favorite workouts to do. This MFit mini band cardio workout will work your legs, shoulders, core and most importantly cardio.

The fast pace of this workout will leave you feeling out of breath and tired. Make sure you use a resistance band that challenges your muscles and keep moving quickly to keep your heart rate up. This quick, low impact workout is perfect to do at home or on the go!

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Try the MFit mini band cardio workout!

Do 1 round of the following circuit:

1. Side walks (x10)
2. Squats (x15)
3. Squat curl to press (x15)
4. Speed skater (x20)
5. Walk down (x10)
6. Walk down leg lifts (x10)
7. Wall sit with band abduction  (x30)
8. Squat jack (x20)
9. Side shuffle (x10)
10. Side step bent lateral raise (x20)
11. Side step shoulder press (x20)
12. Jumping jack (x20)
13. Bob & weave (x20)
14. Bob & weave & punch (x20)
15. Half burpee (x10)

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