10 Minute Butt Lift (At Home Workout)

Do you want your butt to look better in jeans? Do you want that to happen right now? Well, I have the workout for you. This 10 minute workout is going to give you an instant butt lift!

For permanent change in your back side you will need to do this workout more than once. However, instantly after this workout your butt will feel tighter and more lifted.

You can do this workout in your living room and all you need is a chair and one mini resistance band. If you do not have a mini resistance band, you can purchase one in the MFit Amazon store!

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Try the 10 minute butt lift!

Do each exercise for 50 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and move onto the next (10-minutes)

1. Side walks
2. Back reaches
3. 3/4 squat
4. Seated band abduction
5. Kickbacks, right
6. Kickbacks, left
7. Sumo backwards walk
8. Bridge pulses
9. Side leg lifts, right
10. Side leg lifts, left

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