10-Minute Daily Stretch Routine

Stretching is something your body needs desperately everyday. The things we do on a day to day basis make our muscles very tight. We sit to much, stress to much, and our muscles are rarely evenly worked. Driving makes our calves tight. Sitting makes our hips tight. Standing can strain the quads. The list goes on and on…

Today I am going to take you through an easy total body stretch that you should mix into your daily routine. It’s only going to take 10 minutes, but it’s going to help you so much!

Follow along with the video or do the stretches below.

Hold each stretch for 30 seconds.

1. Quad stretch (right)
2. Quad stretch (left)
3. Calf stretch (right)
4. Calf stretch (left)
5. Flat back
6. Foreward fold
7. Wall chest stretch (right)
8. Wall chest stretch (left)
9. Hands behind back chest stretch
10. Neck stretch (right)
11. Neck stretch (left)
12. Downward facing dog
13. Childspose
14. Hands behind back childspose stretch
15. Knees to chest
16. Supine twist (right)
17. Figure four (right)
18. Supine twist (left)
19. Figure four (left)
20. Full body stretch

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