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20-Minute No Equipment Total Body Workout #burnandsculpt

Today I have another new Burn and Sculpt workout for you! In these workouts we combine strength training and cardio into one super time efficient workout. This video is only 20 minutes, but that is all you need!

This workout includes four different Tabata’s. Each Tabata includes one strength exercise and one cardio exercise. We will alternate between the two so you constantly feel challenged and your body stays confused.

Today’s workout does not include any equipment. So you can literally do this workout anywhere. We will be doing all body weight exercises. You can easily sculpt muscle without any equipment, and I am going to show you how today!

Follow along with the video or print off the workout instructions below:

* Each tabata  is 20-seconds of work followed by 10-seconds of rest for 8-minutes
* Alternate exercises this way: Cardio – Rest – Cardio – Rest – Strength – Rest – Strength – Rest – Repeat

A. Plie squat jacks
+ Tricep push-up

B. Burpee
+ Plie squat hold with chest pulses

C. Rainbows
+ Booty kickout
* Do row for 50-seconds (not strength – rest – strength)

D. High knees
+ Commando plank


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