Superset Leg Workout #25DaysofMFit

It’s Day 20 of the #25DaysofMFit and it is the last “leg day” of this workout challenge!

Don’t cry just yet… we will still work your legs in the other videos,┬ábut today is the final true leg day. And we are finishing off with a superset workout!

This superset workout will make your legs burn and keep your heart rate up. Superset workouts tend to be faster-paced, which is great for fat burn! But today I am going to make things even more intense! We will be supersetting one slower exercise with one more dynamic movement. For example, one exercise will be a slow weight-lifting style movement while they other includes some jumping.

This would be a great workout to take with you to the gym (but is also perfect for at home, as I show in the video). If you take the workout to the gym you can really lift heavy on some of those slower movements.

You can continue to advance this workout as you get stronger by lifting heavier weights or adding another set of each exercise.

Here are the exercises you will be doing today:

Repeat each superset twice.

1. Pendulum lunge, jump to switch (10 reps) + Weighted squat (15 reps)
2. Alternating side lunges (12 reps) + Rocket squat jumps (10 reps)
3. Split stance or Single leg deadlift (10 reps each) + Squat jacks (20 reps)
Booty burn out: Bridge pulses, changing feet (turn out and turn in)

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