Molly McNamee | Flat Stomach Ab Workout #25DaysofMFit
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Flat Stomach Ab Workout #25DaysofMFit

Happy Day 5 of the #25DaysofMFit! We are moving through these workouts. At only 15-minutes a day, these workouts don’t take long… but they sure are hard right?

Today we are keeping things simple (as simple as I get on MFit). This workout is all about the abs. I have a core circuit for you that contains 6 different exercises, and we will go through that circuit twice so you can really feel that core!

Every single one of these workouts during the #25DaysofMFit involve the abs… even during those workouts where you seem to only work the upper body. Your core is such a fundamental part of your life both in and out of exercise. Yes, we all want fantastic abs. But even more than that, when you have a weak core you are more prone to back pain and likely to carry weight in your mid-section which can trigger a whole slew of diseases. Basically… the core is important. So let’s work it!

If you’d rather print out the workout and do it on your own, follow the instructions below:

Do the following circuit twice:

1. Pretzel crunch: 25 full reps, pause at the top
2. Legs only pretzel crunch: 25 reps, do not rest after full crunch
3. Crunches: 40 reps, pause at the top on the final rep
4. Side plankĀ dips: 15 reps each side
5. Side plank reach through: 10 reps each side
* Do both the dips and reaches on one side before switching
6. Mountain climbers: 30 reps, as fast as you can

Be sure to SHARE this workouts with your friends and give everyone the gift of health this year.