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#Burnuary No Jump Pyramid Workout

Happy #Burnuary everyone! As you know, this month I am posting all cardio workouts so we can all feel the BURN. Today’s workout is a pyramid workout. We have a set of 5 exercises, and for each round of work, we will either increase or decrease the amount of time spent doing each exercise until we finish the pyramid. The best part… none of these exercises include jumping. But don’t let that fool you — this might be the toughest workout of #Burnuary yet!

Take modifications if you need to! This workout is meant to help you, not hurt you!

As always, please work at your own fitness level and consult a doctor before starting any new workout regime.


2 thoughts on “#Burnuary No Jump Pyramid Workout”

  1. This was a hard. Lots of cardio , I was sweating and my shoulders wow, couldn’t use weights all the way through the second round. Started doing push-ups but then just held plank. Great workout for me!!! 💪🏻👏🏻

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