Scary Halloween HIIT Workout

Happy (early) Halloween! In honor of the “scariest” holiday of the year, I thought I would give you guys the scariest workout I could think of. So of course I had to do a insanely hard HIIT!

This HIIT is different from my previous HIIT workout (Dorm Room HIIT).  This one is in a ladder structure, more specifically a downward ladder. So, we will do four exercises the whole routine. Each time we do the exercises we will take off 15 seconds from our previous time. The first round of this workout we will be doing each exercise a minute a piece.  The second round we will go for 45 seconds each. We will keep that up for two more rounds taking 15 seconds off each time.  I’m not giving you much rest – only 20 seconds in between each round.  This workout comes out to be exactly 11 minutes long. So, it won’t take up much of your day, but it will certainly get your heart rate up for your daily fitness needs.

Drink lots of water after completing this workout and make sure to cool down afterwards!

Good luck.

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