Dorm Room HIIT Workout

I’ve got a HIIT work for you this week! HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training… so this one is sure to get your heart rate up and burn a lot of fat.  I know that it’s back to school season and this is the time of year schedules start getting busier.  But, this is only a 15-minute workout, and it will burn more fat than a one-hour jog.  So, no excuses – everyone has 15 minutes to spare, and if you don’t, wake up 15 minutes earlier. You’re body will be happy that you did.

This is a very tough workout, so, take modifications if you need them. But make sure you are pushing yourself! Don’t be scared to feel tired. I was dead during this workout, but I survived.  It is good to challenge your body and push it to it’s limits sometimes. That is when you start seeing change and start getting stronger.

Good luck!

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