11-Minute Boxing Cardio

Cardio kickboxing is a tough workout. It is great for you core and upper body, and it burns major calories. Today I am going to take you through an 11-minute boxing cardio routine that you can do from home!

I have posted several boxing videos on the MFit YouTube channel in the past. So, if you want to try more boxing workouts, you should check out this boxing playlist.

11-minute boxing cardio

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Try the 11-minute boxing cardio workout below:

Do each exercise for 30-seconds followed by 10-seconds of rest.

1. Arm Swings
2. Hip Openers
3. Squat Arm Circle
4. “Jump Rope”
5. Jab – Cross (1x each side)
6. Front Hook (1x each side)
7. Cross – Hook (2x each side)
8. Front Knee, Cross (2x each side)

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