Molly McNamee | No Equipment Upper Body Workout
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No Equipment Upper Body Workout

Short on time? Can’t leave the house to workout? I got you covered! This no equipment upper body workout will help you build muscle without picking up a weight.

I have posted no equipment workouts in the past, but I created some new exercises that I wanted to share with you today! The exercises in today’s routine will help strengthen and shape every part of your upper body!

But that’s not all… this 10-minute routine can also help improve your posture! The exercises will strengthen your core, back and shoulders. These three areas dominate your posture, so trust me, you want them strong!

This workout will hopefully prove to you the bodyweight exercise can be extremely effective for training the upper body. Who needs fancy equipment when you can simply move your bodyweight around?! For hundreds more apartment-friendly workouts, check out the MFit Membership.

Try the workout below!

Do one set of each exercise:

1. Arm Circles (40 forward, 40 backward)
2. Lat Pull Down (20 reps)
3. Wide Row (30 reps)
4. Walk Down (10 reps)
5. Plank (30 seconds)
6. Elbow Pulses (40 reps)
7. Walk Down Chaturanga (8 reps)
8. Cobra Push-ups (20 reps)
9. Superman (10 reps)