Brutal 15-Minute Shoulder Workout #25DaysofMFit

The #25DaysofMFit is my favorite workout challenge all year. Each day of the challenge you get a new bite-sized workout that leaves you exhausted. Today’s 15-minute shoulder workout is no exception.

This just may be my favorite upper body workout that I’ve ever posted on this blog! It is non-stop and will really make your shoulders burn.

I made sure this routine would be easy to do at home. I paired exercises together that would exhaust your muscles even if you’re using the lightest of weights. If you have heavy weights available to you, don’t use them. I only want you to use light dumbbells for this workout. Like I said, this routine is non-stop. Lifting too heavy during a fast-paced routine like this one could be dangerous.

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Follow the 15-minute shoulder workout below!

Complete 2 sets of the following:

1. Squat Press (15 reps)
2. Front Raise – Side Raise (10 reps, 2 pause reps)

Complete 2 sets of the following:

1. Push-up (10 reps)
2. Down Dog Push-up (10 reps)
3. Single Dumbbell Press (20 reps)

Complete 1 set of the following:

1. Arnold Press (20 reps)
2. High Row (15 reps)

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