Beginner Friendly Total Body Mini Band Workout

If you are new to exercise, I have the workout for you! This short routine is going to work all of your muscles and get your heart rate up. Although this is a beginner friendly workout, it is not going to be easy. Be prepared to feel challenged.

If you are trying to make changes, big or small, to your body – you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable. At least slightly uncomfortable

This workout will get your heart rate up into a zone that may feel scary if you haven’t felt it before. But trust me, you will survive.

Follow the video or print off the workout instructions.

Do two sets of the following superset:

a. Bench Burpee (10 reps)
b. Step-ups (10 reps)

Complete one set of the following exercises:

Banded side steps (20 reps)
Banded reaches (20 reps)
Sit down squat (15 reps)
Squat into side step (15 reps)
Squat into side step and press (15 reps)
Band bicep curl to shoulder press (15 reps)
Rotator cuff curl (15 reps each)
Seated low to high wide row (20 reps)
Seated low to high narrow row (20 reps)

Do two sets of the following burnout:

a. Weave & punch
b. Cross body punches
c. Quick feet

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