20-Minute Weighted Cardio Workout #burnandsculpt

This new Burn and Sculpt workout is perfect for burning fat and sculpting muscle! We will be doing 4 Tabata’s today, but instead of the normal all cardio Tabata, we will be doing a mix of strength training and cardio. Each tabata includes one strength exercise and one cardio exercise, and we will alternate between the two to ensure you are feeling the BURN!

To make the workout even more intense, we will be doing weighted cardio exercises! Adding a weight to plyometrics will help you burn so much more fat! These are movements you have likely done before, but I want you holding a heavy weight as you do them. If you are beginner or if these exercises are new to you, please omit the weight and just focus on doing the exercises properly without the weight.

Follow along with the video or print off the workout instructions below:

* Each tabata  is 20-seconds of work followed by 10-seconds of rest for 8-minutes
* Alternate exercises this way: Cardio – Rest – Cardio – Rest – Strength – Rest – Strength – Rest – Repeat

A. Kettlebell swings
+ Alternating back lunges with shoulder press

B. Weighted squat press into forward/backward hop
+ Single arm plie squat

C. Diamond jump
+ 3 lawn mower rows into 1 curl and press
* Do row for 50-seconds (not strength – rest – strength)

D. Weight surfer hops
+ Alternating shoulder press

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