Day 7: Unconventional Total Body Workout #12DaysofMFit

This is Day 7 of my 2015 — 12 Days of Fitness // #12DaysOfMFit

This workout series was created to help you stay in shape this holiday season. Most of these videos are less than 30-minutes, and all of them can be done in your home! These workouts should simplify your to-do list – you don’t have to go to the gym and you do not need to devote an hour to exercising during your busy holiday schedule. 30-minutes in your living room… and one a butt kicking workout! Lets go!

Day 7 is perfect for all of you at-home exercises without conventional exercise equipment. Grab whatever you have laying around your house and let’s lift!! This workout will show you that even if you don’t have fancy equipment you can still workout.

As always, please work at your own fitness level and consult a doctor before starting any new workout regime.

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