How to Stay Lean This Holiday Season

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in America, which means it’s time to eat. From Thanksgiving to New Years, American’s eat, on average, 619 extra calories per day. Those extra calories are the reason the average person gains 7 to 10 pounds during the holiday season. Gaining this much weight in a short amount of time can really take a toll on a person’s health and self-confidence. So, today we are going to talk about how to stay lean this holiday season.

how to stay lean

1. Drink Responsibly

Holiday parties typically include some cocktails. A couple drinks with friends can easily turn into 300 extra calories. I’m not saying you should bail on the fun, but try to make smarter choices when you are around alcohol.

Choose a beverage that contains fewer calories. Mixed drinks have significantly more sugar and calories than tequila straight. Drink slower and have a glass of water between the good stuff. If the bar is serve-yourself, don’t fill up your glass to the brim.

2. Never go to a party hungry

You should never go to a party on an empty stomach. Parties are filled with tempting, unhealthy snacks. Instead of “saving your calories” for the fiesta, try eating a healthy, protein and vegetable-filled meal before heading out. This way your stomach is full and you won’t get caught binging at the dessert table.

3. Exercise

If eating extra calories is inevitable, you may as well put them to good use. A majority of people spend holiday season eating and sitting on the couch watching football or holiday movies. Carve time out of your day for a workout.

If your schedule is extra busy, because it is holiday season after all, try my free #25DaysofMFit challenge. The workouts in that challenge are all under 15 minutes, so you can get your sweat on in a timely manner. If you have a little more time and want some guidance, sign up for one of my home workout plans. Each plan includes follow along workout videos, a workout schedule, diet tips and support from the MFit community. I will also be doing live workouts with my MFit Family throughout the holiday season!

4. Smaller plates, smaller portions

If you are hosting a dinner party, it is easy to stack the deck in your favor. Serve healthy food and supply partygoers with smaller plates so they can’t stuff themselves. If you are attending the party grab a smaller portion or eat part of your plate and wait 20 minutes to see if you are full!

I hope you found these tips helpful and they have given you a better idea about how to stay lean this holiday season. But, I want to remind you to have fun during the holidays. If you gain a little bit of weight, I’ll be here for you in the new year!

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