20-Minute Total Body Sculpt, Burn & Stretch Workout

This yoga-inspired workout is going to help you become more flexible, build lean muscle, and burn fat! It’s crazy that you can do all of that in a 20-minute workout, but you can. Obviously it’s not that simple though… to see the best results from this video, you need to pair the workout with a healthy diet and mix it into a regular training routine.

This workout will include moments of deep stretching combined with sculpting exercises like squats and push-ups and planks.  This blend will challenge your body in a completely new way.  The contrast between the fast and slow movements will force you to engage many muscles at once. You will find yourself sweating and working hard, but it will be over before you know it!

I usually include a printable version of the workout, but honestly it’s best if you just follow this one! Treat it like a 20-minute fitness class that you can do from your home. You don’t even need to wear shoes!

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