20-Minute No Jumping Cardio Workout #burnandsculpt

This new Burn and Sculpt workout will help sculpt your whole body. Each exercise will work your arms, legs and core. The pace of the workout will help you burn fat. We will be doing 4 different Tabata’s today. Each tabata will include on cardio exercise and one strength exercise. Alternating between the two will challenge your body in a whole different way.

You will have a chance to recover between the cardio intervals, so you can work even harder. However, your heart rate will be elevated during the strength movements, making them significantly more challenging. All in all… get ready to sweat and feel the BURN!

Today’s workout does not include any jumping. This is a low impact workout that is safe for everyone! If you live in an apartment, you don’t have to be worried about getting a noise complaint! But be warned… there may be no jumping, but this is still a tough workout. We will be using weights for a few of the exercises, but the weights are optional.

Follow along with the video or print off the workout instructions below:

* Each tabata  is 20-seconds of work followed by 10-seconds of rest for 8-minutes
* Alternate exercises this way: Cardio – Rest – Cardio – Rest – Strength – Rest – Strength – Rest – Repeat

A. Weighted front kick shoulder press
+ Push-up cross climber

B. Side shuffle
+ Down dog tick tocks

C. Knee side kick
+ Elevated donkey kicks

D. Punch – punch – press – press
+ Sumo squat pulses
* Do row for 50-seconds (not strength – rest – strength)

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