Bridal Bootcamp: Arm Workout

Alright guys, here is PART 2 of your “Bridal Bootcamp” and this time I put your arms through a tough workout.

For this workout I use a pair of dumbbells and a medicine ball. But if you don’t have one or both of those laying around your house, that’s okay! Grab a heavy book, some canned food, water bottles, your dog – anything that adds just that little extra bit of resistance. In a couple weeks I am going to make a blog post about “unconventional exercise equipment” so keep an eye out for that to get even more ideas!

Don’t lift super heavy the first time you try this workout. Use some lighter weights at first, and if that’s too easy you can always go heavier! A good rule of thumb for these strength workouts is that if the last 2-3 reps are challenging, you’re lifting the right amount of weight. I don’t want you struggling through the whole set, but the last few reps should be difficult!

Here it is – tell me how you do and share with your friends!


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