Apartment Friendly Dumbbell HIIT & Arms Workout

Lean arms, sexy shoulder, broad back… that’s just a few things this workout is going to help you achieve.

As with all Bikini Bootcamp workouts, this one starts off with a bit of cardio. The Bikini Bootcamp method is about blending cardio and strength training is such a way that allows you to build muscle AND burn fat in the same workout. This is hard to do… but today’s workout will absolutely help you do that.

Follow the workout video or print off the instructions below.

Complete 3 rounds of the following yoga warm-up:

1. Downdog – Plank
2. Knee Pulls
3. Crescent Lunge
4. Chair

Complete 10 reps of the following exercise:

– Walk down > Burpee in > Walk up > Jump

Complete the following two Tabata’s back to back: 20 seconds on / 10 seconds off (8-minutes)

1A. Sumo Squat Star
1B. Cross Body Punches

2A. Front Kick Shoulder Press
2B. Tap Back Knee

Complete 2 sets of each superset:

1A. Bicep Curl To Rotator Cuff Curl (10 reps)
1B. Overhead Tricep Extension (15 reps)

2A. Double Curl (10 reps)
2B. High Row (15 reps)

3A. Tabletop Chest Press (20 reps)
3B. Tricep Press (20 reps)

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