10-Minute Abs & Obliques Workout

Obliques, obliques, obliques…! Never forget about training your obliques. The sides of your core set a strong foundation for your abs and give you a good shape to your waistline! This workout will not only work your obliques but your entire mid-section! Get ready to feel the burn in just 10-minutes!

Follow the video or the workout instructions below!

Complete 1 set of the following exercises:

1. Crunches (x20)
2. Long crunches (x20)
3. Single leg long crunches (x20 each)
4. Plank single knee twist (x15 each)
5. Plank oblique knee pull (x15 each)
6. Side plank elbow taps (x15 each)
7. Awkward side plank (15s each)
8. Tabletop crunches (x20)
9. Bicycle legs (x20)
10. Bicycle crunches (x20)
11. Side plank (30s each)

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