Molly McNamee | Mini Band Sculpting Workout #BurnAndSculpt
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Mini Band Sculpting Workout #BurnAndSculpt

It is time to BURN fat and SCULPT muscles! I hope you have been enjoying these #BurnAndSculpt workouts. In these workouts we combine strength training and cardio into one super time efficient workout. This video is only 20 minutes, but that is all you need!

Today we will be using mini bands! When you workout with resistance bands your muscles have to engage differently. So although resistance band work looks easy… it’s often very hard! When you exercise with free weights (ie. dumbbells) you feel the same resistance during the entire rep of an exercise. When you exercise with resistance bands the resistance increases as you progress through a rep. Training both ways is important to see changes in your entire muscle, but today we are experimenting with the bands!

Follow along with the video or print off the workout instructions below:

Do 20 seconds on – 10 seconds off for all cardio exercises.
Do 50 seconds on – 10 seconds off for all strength exercises.

This workout includes four 4-minute “Tabata’s” —
Each will be set up like this:
* Cardio – Cardio – Strength – Cardio – Cardio – Strength

#1: Banded side shuffles
+ Banded squat curl to press

#2: Banded squat jacks
+ Banded bridge pulses

#3: Banded half burpees
+ Banded lat pull down

#4: Banded long jump surfer
+ Banded chest press