Top 9 Tips For Weight Loss

As we move into the New Year, I know many people are resolving to lose weight in 2017. Today I am going to give you my Top 9 tips for weight loss. I hope these help you on your fitness journey.

Tip 1: Keep a varied routine

Never let your body get used to a certain type of exercise. You should constantly be working different muscles, trying different exercises, and incorporating different workout structures into your routine. When your body gets used to a certain way of exercise, your progress will plateau. Keeping lots of variety in your routine will ensure your body stays challenged.

Tip 2: Be consistent

You want a varied routine. But you need a routine. You need something that is regular and you do it often. Working out four times each month will not result in weight loss. Yes, every little bit counts. However, you need to consistently be doing a little bit.

Tip 3: Drink lots of water

Water helps ease cravings, keeps you feeling full, gives you better skin, and all together detoxes the body.

Tip 4: Give into cravings

If you want a piece of chocolate, have it. It’s that simple. When you ignore a food craving, it’s likely it will come back in full force. Ignoring cravings tends to lead to binging, and that is something you always want to avoid. If you want some chips and salsa at a restaurant, you should have some. Have three chips and then call it a day. If you don’t give into this craving, you will likely go home and eat entire bag of chips with salsa.

Tip 5: Keep a food journal

Food journaling is by far the best way to control your diet. Every client I have coached, everyone I have talked to, and I personally have found that food journaling is the way to go. Seeing is knowing. And when you can actually see all the food you have eaten, it puts things into perspective. You may find you aren’t eating enough. Or maybe you are eating too much. Perhaps you don’t include enough vegetables in your diet. Food journaling will help you see all of those things, and once you know where your dietary problems are – you can fix them!

Tip 6: Find your ideal macro split

Macronutrients are carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Figuring out how your body responds to a certain macro split (how much of each macronutrient you eat daily) will help take your body to the next level. For example you may find that your body responds best to a low carb, high protein, moderate fat diet. Or maybe you can eat all the carbs and stay lean. This is something that you need to test out yourself. Everyone’s macro split is different. You may find that an even balance of each macronutrient is best for your body (this is what works for me). Typically people who are naturally lean (imagine a runners body) can eat more carbs and stay lean. People who have a slightly higher body fat percentage tend to fair better with lower carbs and higher fat. But as I said before, this is all trail and error and very individual. Try a certain split (30% carbs, 40% protein, 30% fat) and if your body doesn’t respond well, try something else! This is a more advanced method of diet control, if you are new to nutrition just focus on making healthy choices!

Tip 7: Lift heavy weights

Many people are scared to lift weights because they think it will make them bulky. I am sure you have heard people say, you can lose weight without changing your diet. Well, the opposite applies too. You can’t gain weight without changing your diet. Lifting weights will only cause you to grow if you are eating to grow. So, unless you are eating tons of food, lifting weights will help you look toned and feel strong! You have to build muscle to burn fat! The more muscle you have in your body, the easier it actually is to lose weight. So pick up those dumbbells!

Tip 8: Switch up your cardio

This goes along with what I said before about variety. You should include all forms of cardio into your regimen: high intensity, moderate intensity, and steady state. Each form of cardio has it’s own benefits. Blending them will not only keep your workouts exciting, but it will help you see maximal benefits.

Tip 9: Walk 10,000 steps a day

You can’t workout 1-hour a day and sit 23-hours a day and expect that to be all right. You must live an active lifestyle. Weight loss takes hard work. What you need to do is create a healthy lifestyle for yourself. If you eat well, exercise regularly and keep active throughout the day, not only will you lose the weight, but you will keep it off too.

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