Leg Day: Circuit Workout

Here is a true leg workout for you.  This is a 6 exercise circuit, and each exercise is sure to help you build lean muscle. I want you to do this workout THREE TIMES in a row. So once you finish the video once, I want you to go back and do it two more times. Of course I want you to work at whatever fitness level you are currently at, but you should be training to get stronger. If you can only get through one round at first, complete that one round and push yourself with each exercise. But, the stronger you get, the more sets I want you to do. If you do multiple sets your legs are just going to get stronger!  The first round of this workout will be a sort of “warm-up” – your body is getting used to the different ranges of motion.  The second round will start to push your legs even more.  And that third round, is your “burn out” round – this is where change happens. Train for change!

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