Molly McNamee | Kettlebell HIIT At-Home (Low Impact)
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Kettlebell HIIT At-Home (Low Impact)

You guys asked for it, and your wish is my command. I am back with another low-impact, knee-friendly HIIT workout that you can do at home!

I have filmed quite a few “safe for knees” workout videos on the MFit YouTube channel and for the MFit Membership, and all of you seem to find them super helpful. Every week I get requests to make more, and I have made one for today that I think you will really like!

This workout does not require any jumping, but it will get your heart rate WAY up. I have watched a few low impact HIIT workouts on YouTube, and my one critique is that they don’t seem challenging enough. Low impact does not have to mean easy. The workout below will challenge you by making your body move in lots of different ways and push a heavy weight while it moves all around.

Today’s workout does require one piece of equipment: a kettlebell. If you do not have a kettlebell, you can get one in the MFit Amazon store. You can also use a water or milk jug as a DIY kettlebell today.

Try the workout below!

40 seconds on – 10 seconds off, 2x:
– Walk Down to Down Dog
– Rainbows

30 seconds on – 10 seconds off, 3x:
– Squat & Press
– Figure 8

20 seconds on – 10 seconds off, 3x:
– Incremental Kettlebell Swings
– Push-ups