Total Body Warm-up Routine

Warming up before a workout is so important! You should never start a workout feeling cold. Muscles need to be warm so injuries don’t happen.

Warm-ups should typically start off with some slower, static stretches and progress into more dynamic cardio based stretches. This allows you to stretch your muscles before really getting them warm.

Some people like to have dietary supplements and workout enhancers before or during their warm-up. In this video you will see me mention a pump product by BPI. This caffeine-free product gives you some energy so that you can workout harder and longer. It also helps promote muscle fullness. You know I wouldn’t recommend a product without taking it myself. I take this product on my leg days and absolutely feel stronger and see a more significant booty pump afterwards. Highly recommend. Use the discount code MOLLYMC for 20% off your BPI purchases.

But back to the warm-up! Following along with the video to get your whole body ready to go. Enjoy!

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