HIIT Workout That Is Safe For Knees

If you are a beginner, have knee pain, or just want to do a low impact cardio workout today… this workout is perfect for you. But don’t worry, no jumping does not mean this will be easy. We are still going to sweat and burn out those muscles (especially the arms).

Today’s workout will be a Tabata style circuit. I have eight exercises for you and we will do 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off of each. ¬†We are going to do this circuit four times and only add weights for the last two rounds. The weights are optional and if you use weights, I recommend using light weights for this one! There will be constant arm movements and you will feel your shoulders and biceps big time!

Do the video with me or follow the instructions below:

Do the following circuit Tabata style (20 seconds on – 10 seconds off). Do the circuit four times. Rest for 1-minute in between rounds. If you feel comfortable, add light weights for the last two rounds.

1. Step jacks
2. Cross body punches
3. Cross behind row
4. Punch-punch-press-press
5. Knee up press
6. Cross body punch march
7. Knee up marching arms
8. Front kick shoulder press

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