Speed, Endurance & Agility Workout #MFitResolutions

When a New Year rolls around we all focus on what we want to accomplish, what we want to look like, and who we want to be. These are all very big things. Sometimes it is best to make resolutions that are a bit smaller. For example… maybe you want to try a new hobby, eat at different restaurants, or switch up your style of training.

For those of you looking to intensify your training this year and start doing more athletic workouts – this is the perfect start. This video blends high intensity drills with plyometrics, and direction changes to work your speed, agility, and endurance.

Follow along in the video down below or print the workout and take it anywhere:

Part 1. 40-seconds on / 20-seconds off

Do the following circuit 3x (15-minutes):

1. Speed Skater
2. Back Walk – Long Jump
3. X Burpees
4. Skiers on direction – High Knees opposite direction
5. Surfers

Part 2. Half Tabata: 20-seconds on / 10-seconds off

Do each exercise for 4 rounds (2-minutes). Rest 1-minute in between each half tabata

1. High Knees
2. Jumping Lunges
3. Mountain Climbers
4. Tuck Jumps

Part 3. Superset: Repeat the superset 3x, rest 30-seconds in between each round

1. Plank Jack Push-up (30-seconds)
2. Forearm Plank (30-seconds)

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