How To Sculpt A Round Booty #MFitResolutions

Getting that perfect J.Lo booty is not easy… it takes hard work and time. But today I have the perfect workout to get you started.

If you are working out at home, these exercises will be great for you because they don’t require heavy lifting to give your butt a boost. However, if you are seriously trying to GROW you butt this year. You do need to lift weights. So take this workout with you to the gym and try these exercises with heavy weights! You need to lift big weights to get that big booty! But make sure you build up to those heavy weights so you don’t hurt yourself.

If you are at home though, this workout is the perfect approach for booty building with little equipment. There are many single leg exercises involved in this workout. And when you are only working half of your lower body you typically only need to lift half of the weight you normally do. So take advantage of this single leg, lighter weight exercises.

Follow along with the video down below or take the written instructions with you to the gym:

Do 10 reps of each exercises unless instructed otherwise.

Part 1. Squats

Wrap your mini resistance band around your legs.

Do 3 sets of the following superset:
– Banded Squats
– Side Squat Walks

Part 2. Superset

Do 4 sets of the following superset:
– Sumo Deadlifts
– Elevated Back Lunge Kickbacks

Part 3. Circuit

Do 3 sets of the following circuit:
– Elevated Curtsy Lunges
– Get-ups (with 15 pulses after last rep)
– Bulgarian Lunges

Part 4. Burnout

Wrap your mini resistance band around your legs.
Until failure – Alternate between 20 bridge pulses and 20 knee pulses (holding the top of the bridge)

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