Healthy Tips for 4th of July

This weekend is Independence Day in America, which means fireworks, American flags, and barbeques. That’s right, lots and lots of outdoor parties. It’s easy to over-indulge at these events, so I have some tips that will hopefully help you get through the weekend without gaining 5 pounds.

Use whole-wheat buns – it’s an easy swap and a nutritious swap. Whole-wheat buns will have more fiber, which means they will actually keep you full. White buns will spike your insulin and make your body store fat; the whole grain option does the opposite.

Grill lean meats – the lean cuts will have less fat.

Portion control – meat should be the size of your fist and vegetables should have no limits!

Drink lots of water – this will keep you full and prevent you from overeating. It’s also always a good idea to keep drinking water as you consume alcohol and spend a lot of time outside.

Fill up on grilled vegetables – Fill up your plate with healthy, colorful vegetables, and then eat those first! Always eat the healthy calories first so you don’t have as much room to indulge on the not so healthy stuff.

Don’t skip meals to “save room for later” – this will only cause you to overeat. You never want to walk into a party filled with unhealthy food on an empty stomach.

Move – 4th of July can be the most active holiday. So, get outside: move, dance, swim, play a game of beach volleyball or ultimate Frisbee with your friends. Just do something!

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