Post 4th of July HIIT Workout

I hope you all had a great Independent Day! I’m sure there were lots of fireworks, BBQs, and beer.  Now it’s time to get up and work off some of the possibly not-so-healthy food you ate yesterday!

I call this the 7-5-14 Workout. We have a 5-exercise circuit, 14 reps of each exercise, and 7 minutes to do as many sets of that circuit that we can! No equipment needed! All you need is yourself and 7 minutes of free time (no excuses – it’s only 7 minutes)

Here are your 5 exercises!

  1. Burpees! (14 reps total)
    Perform these burpees at whatever fitness level you are currently at:
  • If you are a fitness beginner, I want you to: start standing, place your hands on the ground, step your feet back to pushup position, step your feet back up to your hands, and stand up straight.
  • If you are at an average fitness level, try to do a full burpee: exactly what I described before but this time your jumping everything!
  • If you are advanced, go ahead and make it interesting: Add a pushup at the bottom (a plyo pushup if you’re daring) and a tuck jump at the top!
  1.  Squats! (14 reps total)
    Really watch your form on these squats – feet shoulder width apart, toes pointed forward, sit back as though you are sitting into a chair, and try to keep your chest as lifted as possible. When you are at the bottom of your squat you should be able to lift your toes off the ground, that’s how you know if you are truly sitting back!
  1. Spiderman Planks! (right + left = 1 rep, 14 reps total)
    Drop down to a plank position on your elbows. As if you are Spiderman crawling up a wall, I want you to bring your right knee to your right elbow and switch left knee to left elbow. This will really work your obliques. Keep your hips down in that plank, NO CHEATING!
  1. Lateral Jumps! (right + left = 1 rep, 14 reps total)
    Just jumping from side-to-side. You can do little hops with both feet, like your jumping over a small line (think jump rope, but side to side). Or you can do big jumps, jumping from one leg to the other. These kind of look like a speed skater. Make sure you really push yourself to jump as far side-to-side as possible! Imagine you’re trying to jump over a little river, and you can’t fall in because your phones in your pocket!
  1. Pushups! (14 reps total)
    Again, go at your fitness level. You can drop down to those knees AS LONG AS your back stays flat and your booty stays down. If that’s too easy for you, but you’re not ready for a full pushup, have one leg straight and the other one bent. The third option is obviously a full pushup!

That’s it, just those five simple exercises. You will perform one circuit (exercises 1-5) and then repeat as many times as you can for 7 minutes straight!

Good luck! Leave me a comment telling me how you did!



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