Molly McNamee | Top 5 Booty-Building Exercises
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Top 5 Booty-Building Exercises

Do you want a bigger, rounder, more lifted butt? I got you.

Today I am sharing with you all of my secrets… or at least five of them. I thought for a long time about what exercises to include in this video. Booty-building is a science and you need the right formula of exercises to do it.

The five exercises we will go over today work all three parts of the butt: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. If you want a good-looking behind, you need to work all of three of these areas. Each movement today will require you to move in different directions and work at several different speeds. All of these elements may seem so small, but they matter!

I have personally been trying to grow my butt for years, and I’ve had a lot of success. So believe me when I say these exercises work! If you are also trying to GROW your glutes, you will need to challenge yourself with the amount of resistance you use during this workout.

When I am working out at home, I use mini resistance bands a lot. Buying heavy dumbbells can get expensive, so I challenge my muscles by using affordable resistance bands. Four out of the five exercises today require mini bands. If you use the bands like I do, you will see how they can make an exercise much more challenging. If you don’t have bands, I have linked some of my favorites here!

If you are into this workout and want more booty-building workouts, check out the MFit Peach Plan. This is my 4-week workout guide that will help you with glute engagement to make your booty workouts more effective. It’s a $25 program, but it’s FREE if you’re an MFit Member.

Do one set of each exercise:

1. Banded Side to Side Squat
2. Banded Dumbbell 3/4 Squat
3. Narrow Lunge
4. Hip Thrust
5. Band Abduction