Top 5 Bicep & Tricep Exercises

Biceps and triceps are very important muscles groups that tend to go forgotten. I too am guilty of skipping arm day and choosing to work on my back and chest only. With so many big muscle groups in the body, it’s easy to forget the small guys. But that stops today!

If you could only do five exercises to train your biceps and triceps forever, these should be the five. I’ve incorporated movements that work your arms from all angles. You will see rotating movements, static movements, body weight movements and weighted dumbbell work. This kind of variety is going to strengthen your arms and help protect your elbows from injury.

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When I press record and start filming these workouts, I never really know how it is going to go. This workout was much, much harder than I expected. So get ready for your arms to burn!

Feel free to follow along with video or workout instructions below!

Do one set of each exercise:

1. Single Arm Rotation Curl with Iso Hold
2. Skull Crusher into Iso Hold
3. Hammer Curl to Flex
4. Chaturanga Push-up
5. Cobra Push-up

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