Workout For Lazy People: Workout With Your Couch

I have been posting at-home workouts for years on mollymcnamee.com. Today I am taking that to the extreme… and we are working out with our couches.

Couch Potatoes rejoice! You don’t need to go far to get this workout done! Even more good news – the workout is only 20-minutes (including stretches). This workout will start and end before you know it.

We will be working everything today, from your shoulders to your bum. No equipment needed, but feel free to add weights if you want to!

Follow along with the video or print the workout instructions below.

Complete one set of the following exercises.

1. Sit-Stand Squat (20 reps)
2. Seated Lat Pull Down (30 reps)
3. Overhead Sit-Stand Squat (20 reps)
4. Spiderman Plank with hands on couch (30 reps)
5. Taps alternating fast and slow (50 reps)
6. Rolling Side Plank with feet on couch (20 reps)
7. Plank Leg Lifts with hands on couch (30 reps)
8. Alternating Single Leg Push-ups with hands on couch (16 reps)
9. Bulgarian Lunges (15 reps each)
10. Hip Thrusts (40 reps)
11. Supported Tabletop Crunches (50 reps)
12. Elevated Bridge Pulses (50 reps)
13. Tabletop Crunches (50 reps)
14. Single Leg Bridge Pulses (15 full reps + 10 pulses each leg)

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