Classic MFit Tabata Workout

I’m bringing it back today and giving you a classic MFit HIIT workout. You’ve seen a lot of videos like this on my blog, but I haven’t shared one in a while. So get ready for some crazy high intensity interval training.

We will be working with the Tabata structure today, which is 20 seconds on followed by 10 seconds off for a total of 4 minutes (8 rounds). I have four killer Tabata’s for you that will leave you feeling sweaty and exhausted (if you do them right).

Remember with HIIT you should feel very tired and completely out of breath. If you feel fine after completing this workout, you did not do it correctly. You need to push your body and work really hard to reap the benefits of HIIT.

Follow along with the video or print the workout instructions below:

Tabata: 20 seconds of all out effort followed by 10 seconds of complete rest
* Do 8 rounds of each Tabata
* The rounds should go as followed: A-A-B-B-A-A-B-B

1A. Sufers
1B. Knee Side Kick

2A. Burpee
2B. Cross Under Push-ups

3A. Plank Hip Dips
3B. Diamond Jumps

4A. High Knees
4B. Side Shuffles

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