Molly McNamee | 5 Stretches You Can Do In The Shower
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5 Stretches You Can Do In The Shower

You just finished your workout and now you only have 30 minutes to shower and get ready for the day… I guess you have to skip your stretch, right? NO! You should never skip your stretch after a workout. But, lucky for you, I have found a way to make stretching more accessible when you are in a time crunch.

You can do the following five stretches in the shower! These stretches are slip proof and will help stretch out your whole body.

There are benefits to stretching in the shower too! Your muscles will be warm from the shower steam, which will allow you to get deeper into each stretch. This will help increase your flexibility and relieve more tension!

Flat Back Stretch

This stretch will feel amazing to your hamstrings, shoulders, chest, and entire back. Place your hands on the wall opposite of your shower head. Now slowly walk your feet back until you can completely straighten your arms and your torso is nearly parallel to the floor. Hold here for up to 1-minute constantly pressing your chest towards the ground.

Wall Chest Stretch

Place your right hand and forearm against one of the shower walls. Make sure your right elbow is in line with your right shoulder. Now twist your body away from that arm until you feel a stretch all throughout the right side of your chest. Hold for a minimum of 30 seconds and then switch sides!

Clasped Neck Stretch

This is the perfect two in one stretch to stretch out your chest and neck. Stand up tall looking away from your shower head. Now reach your hands behind your neck, as you would do with crunches. First push your elbows back as far as you can, feeling your chest open up and your posture straighten. Hold here for 10 seconds. Now, tuck your chin towards your chest as you pull against your neck as your elbows come together around your head (shown opposite).

Forward Fold

This one couldn’t be simpler, but it will stretch out your hamstrings a lot, so be careful if you are feeling extra tight. Bring your feet hip width apart and, with straight legs, reach towards your toes. Reach as far as you can and let your breathing help you get deeper into the stretch. Reach further with each exhale.

Standing Quad Stretch

This is the most advanced of the five stretches, and if you don’t feel comfortable doing this in the shower… skip it until you’re on dry ground. Hold onto something sturdy in your shower space with your right hand. Now, balancing on your right leg, reach your left hand back to grab your left ankle. Focus on pulling your left knee back as you push the same hip forward. Hold for as long as you need to feel your thigh needs it.