Easy Stretching Routine

I have been posting a lot about the importance of stretching and corrective exercise on the blog this month. We have been doing a 30-Day Stretch Challenge, working posture, and easing joint pain. The month of stretching is almost over, but the journey doesn’t stop here. Stretching is something you should do everyday. It keeps your body healthy and pain-free. Today I want to share with you an easy stretching routine that you can do daily!

easy stretching routine

Over the past three weeks, I’ve posted stretching routines for specific parts of the body, like the neck and lower back. Today’s stretch routine will touch on all areas of your body. The routine below is just 10-minutes, but by the end of it, your whole body should feel great. It is the perfect routine to do after a workout or on your rest day.

Remember, you should stretch every day, whether you workout or not. Exercise can make the body tight. We all know this. Living your day to day life, without exercise, can also make the body tight. Did you know that? Sleeping, sitting, and literally living your life can create imbalance in the muscles. To combat this, we must stretch everyday!

Try the easy stretching routine:

Arm Swings
Shoulder Rolls
Head Rolls
Neck Side Stretch
Quad Stretch into Dancer’s Pose
Child’s Pose
Downward Facing Dog
Deep Lunge Stretch
Figure 4 Stretch
Deep Twist

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