10 Exercises To Do While Watching TV

It’s winter. It’s cold outside. I know that all you want to do is curl up on the couch with a blanket and watch Netflix. We all have those lazy days, but when those lazy days turn into a lazy lifestyle things start to go south.

Sitting all day at work and then sitting all day when you get home is not healthy. But, I know how important it is to catch up on Netflix. So today I’m going to give you a TV friendly workout routine. You can do these 10 simple exercises while watching your favorite shows. Most of these moves won’t even require you to look away from the television.


You all know how much I love squats, so why not do them as you watch your favorite shows? Doing squats while focused on the TV may actually help you improve your form. Many people look down and drop their chest in a squat, which is incorrect. If you can’t peel your eyes off of the TV, you won’t be tempted to look at the floor.

Alternating Lunges

Doing lunges will get you standing, get your legs working and increase your heart rate. You only need to do a few to feel the burn. Lunges are a great exercise to do in other situations as well… brushing your teeth, rocking the baby to sleep, talking on the phone… It may seem silly, but it works!


Planks are great for building core strength, lying on the couch is not. See if you can hold your plank for the entire commercial break.

Bridge Pulses

Work those glutes and hamstrings with bridge. Lie on your back with your feet planted on the floor. Then slowing rise and lower your hips to work your backside. You don’t even have to stand for this one, so there are no excuses.

Calf Raises

This is such a simple movement to do while watching TV. All you need to do is stand up and rise up on your toes and lower back down. Do as many reps as you can. You’ll probably be able to do more than normal since you have a distraction!

Jumping Jacks

Jumping around while watching an action film or something sports related can be really fun. You don’t even have to do jumping jacks, just jump around like a crazy person (that’s what I do). You’ll feel like you’re apart of the action and it won’t feel as terrible as jumping jacks do when you are at the gym.

Cross Body Punches

Here is another good cardio exercise for you. If there is a powerful song playing, get up and throw as many punches as you can before the song ends or you burn out!


Instead of a drinking game, you could play a burpee game with your favorite TV show. Do a burpee every time Frank Underwood looks directly at the camera and you will get a good cardio session in while watching House of Cards.

Flutter Kicks

Lie on your back and work your abs. For flutter kicks your legs can be bent if you are a beginner or straight if you are feeling up to it. Keep your legs off the floor and kick them up and down. Keep your core engaged and try to focus on your show to distract you from the burning sensation in your abs!

Wall Sit

It’s technically sitting right… Hold that wall sit as long as you can. Just like with the plank, you can try to hold the wall sit for an entire commercial break (and then email the television network about how they play too many commercials).


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