Descending Ladder Workout #25DaysofMFit

Can you believe it is already Day 24 of the #25DaysofMFit? This challenge is almost over!

Thank to everyone who has committed to this challenge! You are all awesome! And if this is the first workout you are trying, I recommend going back to Day 1 and doing the whole 25 days! This challenge is great for the holiday season because the workouts won’t take up too much time in your busy schedule. But you can really do this workout challenge any time during the year! Heck, I may even do the 25 days over starting the day after Christmas! Any time you feel like you are slacking in your workouts and need a little boost, or if your schedule becomes busy and you can’t do one-hour workouts – come back to this challenge!

Today we are doing a ladder workout. You have seen this style of ladder once before over the course of this workout challenge. But, it’s a classic – so we are trying it again with new exercises!

For this ladder we will do four sets of a circuit of four different exercises. Each set is timed, and each round we will reduce the amount of time we perform each exercise for. During the first round of this workout we will do each exercise for 60-seconds, making that 4-minutes of straight exercise. That will take lots of endurance. However, by the end of the workout we will only do each exercise for 15-seconds a piece, which is just 1-minute of straight exercise. That will feel more like a sprint. So, we get the best of both worlds in this workout.

Follow the instructions below if you wish to do this workout without the video:

Do four rounds of the following circuit:

1. Half burpee bicep curl
2. Slow cross body punch
3. Jumping lunges into a squat and press
4. Plank crawls

The first round is 60-seconds per exercise (4-minutes total)

The second round is 45-seconds per exercise (3-minutes total)

The third round is 30-seconds per exercise (2-minutes total)

The fourth round is 15-seconds per exercise (1-minute total)

No rest in between exercises. 15-seconds of rest in between rounds.

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